things every android user should know

I bumped into this site that says "7 things every new android users should know", and as an android user, to me it was very basic but helpful in many ways. Not all android tablets has this "Samsung quality" as what they expect their gadget to be when they buy it.

Honestly, i suggest that a first time tablet user should go for Apple iOS because it is user friendly. Yes, it is user friendly for starters. I believe when you switch to android, you need time to splurge using your gadget in an android system because few hours is not enough as you will enjoy your gadget the whole time.

I have here the following should know things for a beginner-intermediate android user, in case they missed this points.

1. Always clear the RAM Memory. 

I know a lot of users aware of "Remove All" feature of android but it doesn't help the performance the way you want to refresh your system. And it does not mean that you already closed the running application because not most but sometimes there are applications that does not response the command of android system. Clearing your gadget's memory is like using CCleaner. For non Samsung android devices, check your task manager and clear your memory. Depending on brand, sometimes you need to hold press/tap home screen button to view open applications even if you are not using them.

2. You can customize your Application screen.
I am not talking about the Home screen. Application screen is where all your applications located. If you want to hide an application that irate you or at least just want to organize, you can do so. Also, use folder to keep your apps, home and application screen scream. But i believe this function is not applicable and available to all non Samsung devices.


Technically you are not saving your battery using Auto Brightness because for some point, when you are indoor, you don't much brightness. When you are outdoor, if you try to use auto brightness, even if you maxed the level of brightness your screen is still dim. This works on all android devices. 

4. Hotspot and MODEM. 
For tutorial of how to use Hotspot and multiple sharing advantage of your internet, read this tutorial. As for modem, since we don't have perfect ISPs, some are still wondering how will get they to use their local mobile internet without sharing via hotspot. Simply plug in your data cable to your laptop or desktop and click your wifi notification, and select your ISP or it will be automatically detected. 

5. How to remove Riffle Effect on Samsung devices. 
Riffle effect is the animation effect when you open your lock screen or swipe effect from lock screen. 

6. Battery saving application works in android. This is the priority of every person when buying a gadget. Mark my word, it works in android and you will say sorry to your friends using Apple iOS because, let us be honest, their battery does not last even almost 20 hours, not even closer to 16 hours. Let me boast my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, standby time is 2 days. Extensive net browsing and documentation and all works 24 hours. And for maximum gaming, net browsing and watching movies works 10-12 hours in my tab. Isn't that sound nice? 

You can do it too in your android device, read my battery tutorial for more. 

You maybe not using Samsung or high end android gadgets, or low cost device but this things should be on top of your list to enjoy your hard earn device. 


Since i have no much time to gather all the words and wisdom. Hence i want to share one best blogs i am following from all around the buzz topics, the Spot.Ph.

The food industry is really now the trendiest here in Manila. What is NEW in our country and how is now developing the taste of Filipinos since we all know Filipino Cuisine has the wide specialties, from exotic to sweets, and different cultures because of colonials. Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisines to name a few.

Here are the few minions to give your taste buds a try.


Well, duh, who hasn’t heard of the cronut? Baked, fried and filled with pastry cream, they’re popping up everywhere as restaurants are figuring out that it really appeals to the Pinoy penchant for rich, sweet desserts. Will they stick around? Too early to tell, I think, as the hype beast is in full effect, but judging from places like Wildflour, which has lines out the door—it may be around for awhile. Soon to be on Noche Buena tables everywhere!


a burger in between a “bun” made of pan seared ramen. First on the block to come up with it: the cool kids of Wrong Ramen, one of Spot's Top 10 Ramen Spots for 2013. True to their name, it’s definitely a “wrong” kind of food, but it’s junky and FUN, which sometimes is all you want.


This great product, a Japanese ice cream made of Hokkaido milk—some of the best in the world—is a revelation, if only from a taste standpoint. Not overly sweet, devoid of unnatural ingredients, yet packed with flavor (their sesame, and especially their wasabi, variants are intense!), it’s ice cream for the modern age where people want more healthful food. Miso Sake is my personal favorite—I think it’s amazing.

To read more of this article, please read it here.

CREDIT Spot Ph for the Photos and article.

[STREAM] The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring (2013)              Stream Full movie

As much i enjoyed watching this movie, i'd like to share it for everyone to enjoy the movie.

WARNING: Do not watch this movie at night and alone.  


STEP 1: Click "close ad and continue as free user"
STEP 2: Click "PLAY"

Happy viewing :) 


A lot of my visitors are coming from West side and we all know, western and European does better in movies. Hence, I would like to share some of the top asian countries that made it known world wide; if not, in asia.

I will not talk about the plot or details of each movies, but what I've experienced, felt, cried with the scenes.
I am not trying to convince, but i am sure you will enjoy watching these movies even if you're a hard core action movie fan. 

#1 My Sassy Girl and Windstruck (KOREAN) 

If you haven't watched these two movies, you are already missing half of your movie list before you die. MSG, is a fun, witty and love and hate story. Though, the american franchise of My Sassy Girl didn't make it like the original version, personally because of lack in chemistry of both actors.

Meanwhile, Windstruck is the sequel to My Sassy Girl. Please don't forget to bring your tissue. You will understand and it is quite interesting to know what happened in the past.

Both films are a no idle time to boredom. Please pay attention because you will love it :)

50 shades of Grey CH8, they finally start banging

I bumped into a tweet regarding a link about "commentary on 50 Shades of Grey". In short, i got intrigue how the commentaries went and i was expecting a little more of honest rather than sugar coating they love the book.

Quote below is the introduction that made me burst into laughter not because of the book, but because of the blogger's reaction. 

50 Shades of Grey Chapter 8, in which they finally start banging.

Alright, so, warning, this is the chapter that they get to the boning, and while I'm not posting anything TOO explicit, I'm putting a NSFW warning here. I mean, I talk about blow jobs and fisting and tickling prostates with egg beaters, so I imagine this blog isn't very SFW to start with, but this chapter has the actual fucking, so, yeah. NSFW. Plus, when you're laughing as hard as I am as I wrote this (or I hope you are. I'm a little drunk, so that could be making me think I'm extra hilarious.) and someone asks you what on EARTH you keep giggling at, you might not want to explain to your cubicle mate that you're reading something making fun of porn. It'll be awkward, so, you've been warned. Continue at your own risk, and delight. Grab a drink kids, this one's going to be fun! 
So Grey is freaking out that Ana is a virgin and he didn't know, because he now must sacrifice her to his Dark Lord Satan. Or the in text reason is because “Oh fuck I just showed a virgin my freaky sex room” which was notably missing a sex swing. If you're going to have a kinky sex room wouldn't you have a swing? And maybe a stripper pole? Come on now. So Grey calms down and once again offers Ana an out and she's all “Nah I'm good”. Grey asks some normal questions “Is there any special reason you've never been boned?” We get a confirmation that he actually wasn't her first kiss. She was kissed twice before, though I'm not sure by who. Is she counting Jose?

 If you want to read more of the article, please click HERE.CREDIT to the blogger and the site.


I don't know what happened since i received the message not in english in 4shared.
Obviously i didn't understand what the message was until I tried downloading link from my blog,

"Only me can download my own file because my account got suspended".

The "complainant" must be happy now since i purchased ALL those e-books legally.

For the record, I deleted my account in 4Shared just now.  :)


Free call, free SMS/Text messages, free video call and video chat --  Unlimited voice calls and video calls with emoticons and games. Who on earth doesn't what to have that kind of service right?

Lately, after the "WeChat" advertisement showed on TV commercial, a lot of social chatting applications showing off on tv screens. There is Line, Viber, KakaoTalk and What'sApp. Question is, who is who and why are they better than the other.

Let me help you finding what is best and suitable accordingly. Sure a lot of Korean stars doing commercials of different Chatting applications and since our idol use it, we will start using it too. But, don't get too excited because you might find yourself chatting and talking to yourself because you don't have friends in contact with the apps you downloaded. Lonely, right?

NOTE:  I tested the applications below in Samsung Android devices only. 

KAKAOTALK is like the Yahoo Messenger mobile version of Koreans. The Developers are from South Korea and is getting globally competitive by its functions/ a Korean boy group called BigBang making its way to introduce the product across Asian countries.


So if you are into Korean pop music culture or fell inlove by its culture, you may want to try this messenger along with your korean friends. Try LINE. Although, for me, this is more of a "Entertainment" chatting application than personal chatting, and LINE is not sociable in my taste. Not even user friendly but this app is focused on IDOLS and Entertainment.

VIBER the most comprehensive, user friendly, simple and has the most users next to Skype. Many people are using this now, whether it is for personal or business, because i believe this is the MINI VERSION of SKYPE :) Viber has become available on all devices including desktop version for various users all around the world.
Unfortunately, this application is BLOCKED in Middle East region.

It is now available for desktop users, Windows and Mac

WeChat if Viber is corporately designed, WeChat is, in my opinion and experience, is made for couple and family and friends. It is more of a personal communication rather than just chatting. It is the first chatting application endorsed in a commercial here in Philippines. I think, among the applications, this one suits better for an intimate approach and a user friendly. In order to use the Video call, you have to install WeChat Voice.

Chatting via web browser is now available for people who does not have mobile app.



What i love about this book, is how Bill Gate acknowledge his defeat against Google makers and didn't invested in this concept. And how Google strive hard to get such attention from around the world and everyone else by expanding its growth against Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL.

335 pages / PDF download


I am a fan of Adam Sandler and since 50 first date i fell inlove with his skill for making people laugh with his simple get tickle moves.

i wasn't sure if i was going to watch Grown Up 1 when i saw his movie Funny People and didn't made me laugh that much. It was a disappointment because i was expecting laughter big time. Unfortunately, nothing special for Funny People other than "Fuck Facebook, yeah MySpace" or something like that.

It is Grown Ups that made me watch Grown Ups 2. It soaked in fucking ugly "forced to laugh" scenes that turned out to be gross and makes me want to hold my puke. Plus, Rob Schneider is not in the movie.

It was not good and not entertaining at all.

RATE? : 1.5 out 5. 1 is lowest.

Internet service providers (ISP) in Philippines

What is the best internet service provider in the Philippines?

Who is the best internet service provider in the Philippines?

Before i answer the question, first, let me help you understand what is the difference between the connectivity and the service provider itself because this might be the course of what you're looking for. Moreover, you will appreciate everything and whatnot in choosing internet service provider in the country in simplest form of language i could give.

You have to understand that Fiber optic, Cable, Wireless "broadband", Wi-fi router, DSL "broadband", Data plan, are all different and has its weak and strong points. They are not the same. When you ask for a internet connection, usually what is "IN" and "new", most of CSRs who are not technically inclined, will introduce the latest and dissect the promos - sure you are now convinced because you are following the latest trend. 




Fiber optic is also known as T-1 connection (provider). It is the best among any other connections in the market world wide. Fiber optic connection is, like DSL, a "wired", "a cable", to make it simple and in a layman's term. Meaning, do not expect a wireless connection because it is not, unless it will be connected in router. It is EXPENSIVE and perfect for offices, servers or host, internet cafe businesses with more than 20 PCs capacity, and for other businesses that may be needing to have this tool. I don't see the need of having this in every household unless you're rich with a decent business and ready to pay thousands in your monthly bill. Meanwhile, PLDT is offering Fibr connection. It is bundled with Cignal satellite cable for a whooping of P3,500 and P5,800 for complete package 1. Check their promo here. Don't get me wrong i am not against their services.


Wireless "broadband" internet in Philippines has the most complained type of connection and has budget promos to choose from. However, it is misleading even if it is budget wise since it intertwine with the word "broadband". THIS IS NOT A DSL connection. This is "suitable" only for people who are always on the go, like people who have their laptop always with them and serve as a backup if in case their laptop are wifi ready (latest) (there are netbooks who are not wifi ready). This comes in plan and prepaid. I am telling you, this is not a stable internet connection, not applicable for gamers and people who have business over the internet. If you are a "surf and click" type of person around the net, then this is for you.


Wi-Fi Broadband modem is wireless indoor but not completely no wires. This is similar to Smart broadband and Globe broadband, bundled with telephone line or not. This has to be connected in a telephone line to get signal to transmit connection. However, using your telephone line doesn't affect the performance of your internet.


Wireless transmitting through signal Some wireless but with antenna to receive signal, like Globe Wimax For Globe Wimax experienced users, please read here. Some ISP apparatus use only small device to screw on top of your home. But i think this is no longer offered or use due to massive complains and unsubscriptions.

Base on informations i read, Globe Wimax is reliable and fast internet for home users. On the other hand, please be mindful that the connection is NOT stable and constant because it is signal or transmitter dependent, thus, fast connection is not at its peak when weather is uncooperative, or transmitter down.


Digital Line or famously known as DSL and CABLES are the most stable next to fiber optic. Why? because it is wired and shared through router if you're using DSL. DSL is the most common among the internet cafe, offices, home users, schools and universities subscribed to this service. However, Cable connection is far more stable because even if it rains, it doesn't fluctuate nor affect the connection. This setup is a no problem depending on your ISP (internet provider). Specifically, DSL is similar to Wireless Broadband, although DSL is less strange downtime and static, cheaper than wireless due to convenience and can handle multiple connection. Like us in home, we maximize this service and router because all of our devices are Wi-Fi ready including printer.


If you are the type of person who is always on the go and you need to be updated whether it is for business or personal, but your bill is ruining your budget, i suggest get it unlimited with a fix peso value. I myself is a subscriber and this saved my ass a lot of times specifically in my field job. Plus, it is way cheaper than your per day basis unlimited.

If you're gadget is tether portable ready, you can share your internet with a password just like a wifi router :) click here for tutorial.

You can avail the SIM Only or the plan with gadget bundled. But since i have my device already, i availed the SIM because it is much cheaper.

Now that we understand what are ISP connections are, we will dissect the providers to fully cater to what and who serves us best.

What is the best internet service provider in the Philippines?

I am not saying that Smart Communication is the worst internet provider but the fact that it is has the most complains among the top 4 service providers in the country. In my opinion, it has the most complains because  subscribers do not understand what they thought is they're getting. Precisely speaking the connection they thought it would be.

Smart Communications is worst because their connection the worst there is. It is transmitter tower (telecommunication) dependent that makes it weak. It has no strong foundation in connectivity but still manage to up-keep because it caters to prepaid and postpaid plan.

Globe Telecom is a mid range, yet not the best ISP. It still lack in strong connections in some areas in the Philippines.  Though it has the most services to choose from e.g., Wireless broadband, Tattoo Stick (USB) DSL with Fiber optic cable system. Globe has various bundles and promos to cater the standard of users.

Sky Broadband (Cable) was the first company to offer DSL cable in the Metro Manila. This was our first ISP back 1998 and we were happy of their service. Need i say more?

Fibr PLDT, the first Fiber Optic in the Metro. PLDT is the access provider and The TV portion of the Triple Play package is provided by Cignal. I don't know how that will work and who is the sole provider of its "Fibr", but this explains well that it is expensive. Are you willing to go overboard of P3,500 and P5,800 for bundled internet and cable.

Please be aware that everything is based on facts and experience and since i am living in Quezon City, the connection explains territorial. Meanwhile, the connection still varies in location or on site.

If you have further questions, please call their respective hotlines to know more.

best Twitter application PLUME

I admit i am a fan of Tweetdeck and i believe that nobody can beat it (before). But when it was for closure, i couldn't find myself seeing better application to replace Tweetdeck because i think it was the best twitter application

Other softwares. 

Don't get me wrong I even tried Hootsuite but I cant stand it too long because i find it ambiguous to start with. Although the columns and accounts may easy to incorporate, but it lack professionalism and corporate style. They are advantageous for  the accounts but it is not enough for convenience are carefree usage. One of their strong competitiveness is they support browser extensions and software like the


Just like any 3rd party twitter application and softwares, you can have Twitter and Facebook accounts signed in as many as you want and have different timelines for each account. 

Unfortunately this application is only available for tablet and smartphones with advertisement below but doesn't affect the performance and limit function the of the program. In fact, it is barely noticeable

1) What i like about Plume is that you have a preview of each tweets integrated with photos and videos, just tap the photo and it will zoom out without hitting a new page. Tap it again to get back from the tweet. Also you can view multiple pictures per tweet. 

2) Longer tweets are viewed accordingly. You do not have to click the link to read the long message. Twitlonger are known to this service. Isn't it amazing? 

3) When you write a tweet with #hashtag or a @user, PLUME will make it easier for you because it will automatically detect available tags to choose from and no need to write the characters. 

4) Honestly, the LIST is working. When you click a profile, you can follow him/her or just add them in your list without having to follow them. Hence, you can subscribe too in other users' LIST like film and tv category

5) Trending topic, favorites and all among twitter functions are already in PLUME

Isn't it great to have in one application but you maximize its services? :) 
I really thank Plume for making such a wonderful application. It is such a big help. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 battery & application Tutorial


Sorry for the much long hiatus and a no update since hundred years. A lot of social media applications have captured me and i was enjoying everything of it. Without any further intros, I would like to start with a tutorial about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT N8000 battery. The very first Samsung Galaxy Note tablet that came out in the market back in 2012. I purchased mine in October 2012 and pardon me for the photos to be posted here. 

There had been a lot of fallback came in after the updated version of its OS including battery issues and performance of Note smartphones and tablets. But it didn't made strong inhibitions from people wanting and owning Note series on the dot. To give a healthy round ups, here are on top of my list to give you helpful tips. Before anything else, "DO NOT install CANDY CRUSH", If you do please uninstall it now and reformat or reset your gadget". Candy Crush is an awake application, meaning even if you already closed or exit the application.



First i would like to boast (yes! haha) that my tablet's battery life can last for 2 days in standby mode, while it last for 1 day for the following usage:

(1) tether wifi hotspot with multiple connections while watching movie/s, (2) tether wifi hotspot while on extensive browsing via different applications simultaneously, (3) data/wifi plus reading mode. And last but not the least, 10hours for watching movies, and games extensively -- stress test if you may call it.  NO, my tablet doesn't heat up :)

There is no right or wrong in how or when do you electrify your gadget but with proper ethic, you're done. I drain my battery before plugging in because in my understanding and logic, that is the right time to do so. I don't know how you practice maintenance but it really works for me.

I installed the Comodo battery saver and Juice Defender for tablet from Google Play. I believe these two applications are not available in Apple iOS and Blackberry OS. If you have Juice defender installed but still having issues with your battery, click here for tutorial.These application may be available to other Samsung units too.

In order to fully materialized the usage, please organize your homepage and application page by setting a folder. Being organized, neat and clean helps too and it look professional in a certain way.
The less the widgets, the less your battery consumption. Plus, lived by the rule; if you don't need it, then don't show it off. I choose Plume over Hootsuite because it works best after i got used to Tweetdeck. I still have it though.

An Icon will show in the notification panel if your Juice defender is working.



To further reduce battery consumption, turn off motion, riffle effect (settings> lock screen>check riffle effect) and smart stay unless you're in reading mode of your favorite e-book or site. Your brightness matter too. in order to achieve reducing brightness, see below image and check your tablet. This works too in other Samsung gadget.

Lower your screen brightness in Setting> Display > Brightness to lessen the brightness aside from Brightness indicator in Notification Panel. Make it a habit too to do "remove all" and "clear your RAM/memory" in the task manager religiously to close all application. This serves as if you're clearing cache in internet browser. 


Samsung Note 10.1 users no longer enjoy watching movie and it has been the issue after adobe player updated their mobile application to Flash Player 11 and no longer support tablet apps. Honestly, i still enjoy the privilege, but i took risk of installing the third party flash player apk. The flash player only works in "mozilla firefox android" browser. If you're interested (at your own risk), click here to download.


Well, i used to hate Samsung Kies because I couldn't end my battle with my Samsung S I and Samsung Note 1 before just to tap an update. I thought the data cable was the problem but apparently not. Samsung Kies has now their updated "working" version of the software. I strongly recommended to install the "mobile device support" something like that (sorry i forgot it) in order to detect your smartphone or tablet. Trust me, your data cable is not the problem if you will be experiencing trouble connecting your device.



Maybe a lot of you, like me, who used to ignore "Sync" because of privacy want to preserve. Please do not underestimate the power of having of one Google account without using Sync. You barely have to understand why Samsung and Google are compatible and powerful in giving convenience and smoothness to everything. Pictures, applications, games, Office, Syncing contacts and a lot more. Although my Ipod works well in my ears through Itunes.

When my Samsung Galaxy Note 32GB Micro SD got corrupted, my Gallery was exploding in blank black photos, to make it worst, everything was being duplicated. I didn't know what was the problem then. I was forced to reformat my phone's SD card. To my jinx, my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 32GB SD card was infected too and i had to do sacrifice everything. All my files, photos, downloaded documents, application datas and music were deleted. It was a cry sake.

Since then, i started using Sync panel. Dropbox, Picasa, and Google+  are my favorite applications. It help me to maximize doing my task, notes, blogging, sharing photos simultaneously in all of my gadgets in split seconds. Plus i can use Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and open documents and the like in my smartphone and vice versa.

You can also install and uninstall your applications via Google Play Store using web browsers in desktop/laptop, and it will be automatically installed in your chosen device once you are connected to internet.



5 devices connected
If you are an Android OS lover, you probably been wondering what is tethering for and what does it do? If you're a data plan subscriber and you're on the road but your company has no access to Wi-Fi, you can share your Internet among your peers by Tethering and make it a portable Wi-Fi router. Yes, you can still enjoy and use your Tablet/Phone while their connected to you.

I know there are a lot of great reviews and whatnot of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, but I just want to share my bits and pieces of what is seems to be helpful to other Samsung Note lovers out there who are just beginners. I hope this will inspire you more loving and enjoying your tablet because I can no longer live without it. And it is not a "luxury item", it is necessity. Right?

Samsung Galaxy Note series, Tab series, S series, and other Samsung units can use these tips and application but may vary to availability in region in Play Store and capacity of the smartphone or tablet. Please be advise that using Wi-Fi Tether hotspot may "charge" you and you cannot use Wi-Fi at the same time. And if you do not have a monthly unlimited 3G data plan subscription, be aware of the charges may cost.

Candy Crush addiction

Desktop web browsers, devices from tablet to different mobile phones is installed called Candy Crush in each of my devices and play by all means. I even borrowed my brother's Samsung Galaxy S III, my mom's tablet just to play candy crush. I know i sound obsessed to this game, but i learned my lesson. 

At first, it is for fun, strategy, focus, fast thinking, and adept to solutions -- these are the traits you want to enhance in you, or develop while playing Candy Crush. Indeed a healthy reason excusing yourself to express fun.

Sure it is a fun and time killer game, but what people may not understand is that, when you started playing the application, you're hooked-up already. 

Crowd around you may or may not notice it but players of this game tend to become more active in interactions, find quick solutions to petty issues they encounter, show different approach for faster results, emotionally attached and focus. Sounds bull? Hence, that's the bright side of this game. 

I knew i was already moving in an awry road when i went crazy, i associated my mobile data plan to purchase game accessories to finish a game. Money is not an issue to me but the addiction that is trying to deluge me. Requesting life through friends in Facebook is alarming too due to behavior of low temper by not receiving anything. Emotions and patience taking its toll. 

Then i started concern in my gadgets. Batteries are heating fast and my gizmo commenced slow performance. I learned that Candy Crush is an awake application, so even if you don't use it after opening the application, it will still be active and will sink up the performance of your gizmo. 

I decided to uninstall it, reformat my SD cards and gadgets because uninstalling it alone did not helped. What's worst, my mobile data plan billing was relatively higher than i was expecting according to my computation. I didn't plan on playing a game spending too much for a certain period. 

Thank God i ended it all. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple IPhone 5

  Samsung  vs  Apple 


Since a lot of people been getting claims over the internet specially in Youtube showing off how cheap Samsung when it clearly speaks for itself how durable and mighty the device is. Now Thanks to CNET UK because they did the reality over claims over the world. They did an amazing review from boldest to nude test.

It is a never ending battle between Samsung vs Apple simply because Europe, America and other Western continent still hasn't accepted that this is an Asian made by country. Yes, people are somehow  racist about it that is why they hate it. You could have seen in all of their comments.

Hence, people are learning and getting facts based. Now see the video and accept it is real.

BLOG REVIEW Smashing Magazine

Being a web designer, graphic artist or an Adobe Photoshop enthusiast is a no joke job and passion. Sometimes you ran out of ideas and your mind couldn't meet the hand to make a perfect graphic for your project.

As well as being a programmer, wherein you started to become bald for being gaga where your codes gone wrong when in fact it seem nothing missing.

The Smashing Magazine religiously been a help for Information Technology people for half a decade now and expanding its expertise. This Magazine has various tutorials and freebies for each category or genre.

Plus you can earn when you contribute to smashingmagazine and get paid for writing online. They offer Jobs from freelance to fulltime too. Isn't more than a freebies over their site?

I should not say more and just visit the site to see for yourself what am i talking about and indulge the fun.


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