Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 battery & application Tutorial


Sorry for the much long hiatus and a no update since hundred years. A lot of social media applications have captured me and i was enjoying everything of it. Without any further intros, I would like to start with a tutorial about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT N8000 battery. The very first Samsung Galaxy Note tablet that came out in the market back in 2012. I purchased mine in October 2012 and pardon me for the photos to be posted here. 

There had been a lot of fallback came in after the updated version of its OS including battery issues and performance of Note smartphones and tablets. But it didn't made strong inhibitions from people wanting and owning Note series on the dot. To give a healthy round ups, here are on top of my list to give you helpful tips. Before anything else, "DO NOT install CANDY CRUSH", If you do please uninstall it now and reformat or reset your gadget". Candy Crush is an awake application, meaning even if you already closed or exit the application.



First i would like to boast (yes! haha) that my tablet's battery life can last for 2 days in standby mode, while it last for 1 day for the following usage:

(1) tether wifi hotspot with multiple connections while watching movie/s, (2) tether wifi hotspot while on extensive browsing via different applications simultaneously, (3) data/wifi plus reading mode. And last but not the least, 10hours for watching movies, and games extensively -- stress test if you may call it.  NO, my tablet doesn't heat up :)

There is no right or wrong in how or when do you electrify your gadget but with proper ethic, you're done. I drain my battery before plugging in because in my understanding and logic, that is the right time to do so. I don't know how you practice maintenance but it really works for me.

I installed the Comodo battery saver and Juice Defender for tablet from Google Play. I believe these two applications are not available in Apple iOS and Blackberry OS. If you have Juice defender installed but still having issues with your battery, click here for tutorial.These application may be available to other Samsung units too.

In order to fully materialized the usage, please organize your homepage and application page by setting a folder. Being organized, neat and clean helps too and it look professional in a certain way.
The less the widgets, the less your battery consumption. Plus, lived by the rule; if you don't need it, then don't show it off. I choose Plume over Hootsuite because it works best after i got used to Tweetdeck. I still have it though.

An Icon will show in the notification panel if your Juice defender is working.



To further reduce battery consumption, turn off motion, riffle effect (settings> lock screen>check riffle effect) and smart stay unless you're in reading mode of your favorite e-book or site. Your brightness matter too. in order to achieve reducing brightness, see below image and check your tablet. This works too in other Samsung gadget.

Lower your screen brightness in Setting> Display > Brightness to lessen the brightness aside from Brightness indicator in Notification Panel. Make it a habit too to do "remove all" and "clear your RAM/memory" in the task manager religiously to close all application. This serves as if you're clearing cache in internet browser. 


Samsung Note 10.1 users no longer enjoy watching movie and it has been the issue after adobe player updated their mobile application to Flash Player 11 and no longer support tablet apps. Honestly, i still enjoy the privilege, but i took risk of installing the third party flash player apk. The flash player only works in "mozilla firefox android" browser. If you're interested (at your own risk), click here to download.


Well, i used to hate Samsung Kies because I couldn't end my battle with my Samsung S I and Samsung Note 1 before just to tap an update. I thought the data cable was the problem but apparently not. Samsung Kies has now their updated "working" version of the software. I strongly recommended to install the "mobile device support" something like that (sorry i forgot it) in order to detect your smartphone or tablet. Trust me, your data cable is not the problem if you will be experiencing trouble connecting your device.



Maybe a lot of you, like me, who used to ignore "Sync" because of privacy want to preserve. Please do not underestimate the power of having of one Google account without using Sync. You barely have to understand why Samsung and Google are compatible and powerful in giving convenience and smoothness to everything. Pictures, applications, games, Office, Syncing contacts and a lot more. Although my Ipod works well in my ears through Itunes.

When my Samsung Galaxy Note 32GB Micro SD got corrupted, my Gallery was exploding in blank black photos, to make it worst, everything was being duplicated. I didn't know what was the problem then. I was forced to reformat my phone's SD card. To my jinx, my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 32GB SD card was infected too and i had to do sacrifice everything. All my files, photos, downloaded documents, application datas and music were deleted. It was a cry sake.

Since then, i started using Sync panel. Dropbox, Picasa, and Google+  are my favorite applications. It help me to maximize doing my task, notes, blogging, sharing photos simultaneously in all of my gadgets in split seconds. Plus i can use Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and open documents and the like in my smartphone and vice versa.

You can also install and uninstall your applications via Google Play Store using web browsers in desktop/laptop, and it will be automatically installed in your chosen device once you are connected to internet.



5 devices connected
If you are an Android OS lover, you probably been wondering what is tethering for and what does it do? If you're a data plan subscriber and you're on the road but your company has no access to Wi-Fi, you can share your Internet among your peers by Tethering and make it a portable Wi-Fi router. Yes, you can still enjoy and use your Tablet/Phone while their connected to you.

I know there are a lot of great reviews and whatnot of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, but I just want to share my bits and pieces of what is seems to be helpful to other Samsung Note lovers out there who are just beginners. I hope this will inspire you more loving and enjoying your tablet because I can no longer live without it. And it is not a "luxury item", it is necessity. Right?

Samsung Galaxy Note series, Tab series, S series, and other Samsung units can use these tips and application but may vary to availability in region in Play Store and capacity of the smartphone or tablet. Please be advise that using Wi-Fi Tether hotspot may "charge" you and you cannot use Wi-Fi at the same time. And if you do not have a monthly unlimited 3G data plan subscription, be aware of the charges may cost.


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