Since i have no much time to gather all the words and wisdom. Hence i want to share one best blogs i am following from all around the buzz topics, the Spot.Ph.

The food industry is really now the trendiest here in Manila. What is NEW in our country and how is now developing the taste of Filipinos since we all know Filipino Cuisine has the wide specialties, from exotic to sweets, and different cultures because of colonials. Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisines to name a few.

Here are the few minions to give your taste buds a try.


Well, duh, who hasn’t heard of the cronut? Baked, fried and filled with pastry cream, they’re popping up everywhere as restaurants are figuring out that it really appeals to the Pinoy penchant for rich, sweet desserts. Will they stick around? Too early to tell, I think, as the hype beast is in full effect, but judging from places like Wildflour, which has lines out the door—it may be around for awhile. Soon to be on Noche Buena tables everywhere!


a burger in between a “bun” made of pan seared ramen. First on the block to come up with it: the cool kids of Wrong Ramen, one of Spot's Top 10 Ramen Spots for 2013. True to their name, it’s definitely a “wrong” kind of food, but it’s junky and FUN, which sometimes is all you want.


This great product, a Japanese ice cream made of Hokkaido milk—some of the best in the world—is a revelation, if only from a taste standpoint. Not overly sweet, devoid of unnatural ingredients, yet packed with flavor (their sesame, and especially their wasabi, variants are intense!), it’s ice cream for the modern age where people want more healthful food. Miso Sake is my personal favorite—I think it’s amazing.

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